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The Grow System Summit:
Discover The secrets to building your true wealth

The Grow System Summit is a transformational event that will get you on the path to quickly growing true health, wealth, and happiness in your backyard.

There are only 5 simple keys to true wealth.

And over 3 exciting days, your host Marjory Wildcraft, will give you each of these keys to unlock true wealth for yourself, your family, and your community.

From Saturday, June 5 through Sunday, June 6, we'll make the replays of all 10 interviews + the sneak peek into the first 3 modules of The Grow System Masterclass available again for just 48 hours!

These self-sufficiency, food growing, and herbal healing experts joined us live on May 21-23 and revealed what it means to be truly wealthy and how to grow your own wealth no matter how large (or small) your backyard is. You don't want to miss this special encore replay of the entire event!

These expert interviews featured leading health and wellness teachers, self-sufficiency pros, and homegrown food gurus including Justin Rhodes, Dave Asprey, Heather Irvine, Paul Gautschi, and more.

Featuring 10 Interviews With Leading Experts:

Justin Rhodes
Free Eggs: Getting Started With A Backyard Laying Flock
Dave Asprey
Why You Will Never Live 100 Years Eating Grocery Store Food
Jason Prall
The Relationship Between Your Soil and Your Gut
Heather Irvine
Herbal Remedy Basics: Five Herbal Medicines For Beginners
David The Good
Gardening with Kids
Paul Gautschi
Connecting With The Divine Through Nature
Jason Matyas
Building Your Legacy: Why "Heirloom" Is Vital
Stacey Murphy
5 Super-foods That Easily Grow Year Round in a Small Space
Dr. Patrick Jones
Herbal Home Remedies: The power of herbal medicine
scott sexton
the wealth that surrounds you: foraging for nature's bounty

And, Peek Into The Grow System Book + Masterclass:
The step-By-Step path to grow true wealth in your backyard

As part of the Encore, you'll regain special sneak-peek access into The Grow System Masterclass-the 20 module, step-by-step companion program that will set you on the path to true health, wealth, and happiness (the kind so deep, you can only grow it in your own backyard!)

The Grow System book provides a comprehensive strategy for producing healthy food and herbal medicine at home by reclaiming the skills our ancestors used every day. Filled with 20+ years of Marjory's self-sufficiency expertise, it is the essential guide to Modern Self-Sufficient Living.

It is a guide to connecting deeply with your environment while walking the path to a rich, reliable, and deeply satisfying life. Through it's pages, it gives you the step-by-step to cutting your reliance on gigantic systems that are out of control and proving to be unstable. And you'll soon see that no matter how large or small your backyard is - You, too, can grow deep, sustainable, true wealth right where you are.

And Marjory can't wait to show you how!

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Here’s Just A Small Sample Of The True Wealth-Building Skills And Knowledge You Can Expect To Gain By Joining The Encore Of This FREE Global Event:  

Health is Wealth–And You discover the 5 simple keys to true wealth

The actual secret to a green thumb

tap into the ancient roots that have held families together since the beginning of time

3 Simple methods to find your life’s True purpose

Heritage Breeds & Heirloom seeds: Why genetic diversity is vital

How true wealth is possible for anyone who has a patch of dirt, small or large

the best gardening system Designed to increase your successes

Growing Deep Richness in Your Community

Essential advice for creating a balanced and Thriving ecosystem in your backyard

Rabbits, Chickens, and the necessity of animals for true sustainability

Real Wealth Is Way More Than Money

Gardening: it’s easier than you think to grow much of your own food!

What Real food really is

The importance of cultivating True Wealth In your health And Relationships

Plus so much more...

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In 3 days you'll become empowered with the know-how to grow true wealth, abundant health, and deep happiness in your own backyard.

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Meet Your Host

Marjory Wildcraft is the founder of The Grow Network, which is a community of people focused on modern self-sufficient living. 

She has been featured by National Geographic as an expert in off-grid living, she hosted the Mother Earth News Online Homesteading Summit, and she is listed in Who’s Who in America for having inspired hundreds of thousands of backyard gardens. 

Marjory was the focus of an article that won Reuter’s Food Sustainability Media Award, and she recently authored The Grow System: The Essential Guide to Modern Self-Sufficient Living—From Growing Food to Making Medicine.

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